About Fiona

About Fiona

I was born, brought up and live in Ayrshire, Scotland where I run my yoga classes. I trained at, the highly recommended, Chillout Yoga School in Aberfoyle in the heart of the Trossachs. Brenda Louw was my teacher and she had a lovely approach to teaching and I was teaching within a few days of being on the course, sometimes on the top of a mountain or by a riverside. 

I gained an in-depth  knowledge of the yoga postures (asanas), anatomy, physiology and meditation resulting in achieving 200 hour Teaching Diploma after 6 months of intensive training.  My background also invovled working with people to improve their health through Holistic Therapies and I have continued this in my present role of Complementary Therapy co-ordinator at the Ayrshire hospice . I use my yoga teaching and holistic therapies to bring comfort and support to people in a palliative care setting .

I have went on to continue my study of yoga by attending a specialist adjustments course in January 2016 which allowed me to have a deeper understanding on how to safely adjust people in their posture work to enable them to gain a deeper experience and correct alignment.

I have also recently taken an 8 week training in mindfulness for stress reduction. This was lead by a bhuddist monk who passed on invaluable techniques which I have incorporated into my own busy life and into my yoga teaching to help people be more in touch with their body, their own experiences  and help them feel more connected and grounded to the present moment, therefore reducing stress levels, heart rate etc

In Summer 2017 I qualified as a Reiki master , which allows me the ability to infuse reiki into a one to one session for people looking for a deeper level of healing and rejuvenation. One to one sessions will be available from mid October in my new therapy room.

I am a member of the Independent Yoga Network -  www.independentyoganetwork.org

and have my Disclosure Scotland.

I enjoy teaching to all ages from children, adults to retirement groups. I prefer to keep my classes small to ensure everyone gets the attention they need and bring spontaneity by taking classes outdoors when possible. I am enthusiastic and passionate about what I do and love everything about my job. I feel blessed and hope to share and help bring the joy of Yoga into your life as everyone can benefit in so many ways.


Wishing you peace and happiness

Fiona x

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