"Fiona's approach to yoga comes from a genuine interest in and connection with people, and this comes across in each and every session. Her techniques - and her teaching methods - make a real and lasting difference, both physically and mentally." Anna Beckwith, Dundonald

"I have really enjoyed my Yoga class with Fiona. She is an excellent teacher. She explain things very well and is very encouraging. I really feel the benefit of the class. I will be continuing"  Maggie Roebuck, Retirement Class

"It would be about 30yrs. ago that I first embarked on yoga. I was particularly interested in the breathing techniques in a attempt to help with asthma which I have had since childhood. Now 30yrs. later I decided to try yoga again this time to improve the stiffness that comes with the aging process. To my delight I found that I was able to challenge myself with the guidance and support of Fiona. I found that she responded to the individual needs of the older clients in her class. I feel that her motivation would be inspirational to all ages.'' Anonymous

" We feel very lucky to have found you as our yoga teacher, Fiona. Your preparation has been thorough and each one of your lessons has contained a well balanced approach to both physical and mental health. We have also been impressed by your efforts to individualise some of your activities to cater for the variety of needs of those in your class. All of this has resulted in us feeling that our bodies are more toned, that there are benefits in our balance, and that our sense of well-being has improved. We are looking forward to our next session of lessons with you.."   J M M & J M

"I had never been to yoga before but always wanted to so went to zen yoga. At the time I was finishing up at college and had a lot of work to do for our end of year show, I felt that the yoga helped me to stay focused on my work and not get stressed out. It also made me feel really happy and I felt the benefits straight away. I cant wait to go back after the summer."  Anonymous

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