The first thing people almost always say to me when I mention yoga is that they can’t do it because: "I can’t touch my toes”. But yoga is about so much more than touching your toes or creating intersting shapes with your body. It is about moving to a position where you are comfortable, opening up your body, and  working with your breath to bring calm and peace within you.  Yoga classes will also help you become more relaxed and healthier as well as physically stronger and more flexible, challenging yourself along the way.

I teach Hatha Yoga, Yoga of postures (asesting with a focus on being mindful.  The postures stretch and  release tension in the muscles, release blockages from the energy systems, and improve and balance body systems like, immune system, nervous system,  hormone levels.  Breathing excercises (pranayama) and using the breath to help maintain the postures can help bring union between the mind, body and spirit,  in order to prepare the body for meditation. 

A few more of the benefits of a regular yoga practice can bring aside from improving flexibility include:

  • injury prevention and recovery,
  • increased confidence,
  • relief from stress,
  • improved posture,
  • increased focus,
  • weight stabilization,
  • ease from back pain,
  • arthritis  relief,
  • insomnia and so much more.

It’s no surprise that yoga has stood the test of time over the past few thousand years!

Yoga is about being comfortable in your body, no competition, no pain or struggling for breath. 

You will leave a class feeling rejuvinated and refreshed rather than exhausted like some excercise.

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